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Used servers are the clever alternative

Does it really always have to be a new server? We say: No! Because due to the high loss of value of new hardware you get more performance for the same money with used servers! In most cases, the requirements, e.g. for enterprise resource planning or accounting software, are rather under- than over challenging, even for a slightly older server. That is why used servers, which are usually considerably lower in price, are worth more than just a glance for all companies, public institutions, and corporations.

Our promise: Used. Checked. Delivered


Nearly all devices in our shop have been used before and are therefore much cheaper than new goods. At the same time, all devices with the indicated number of pieces are physically in stock and therefore immediately available. Checked.

All servers are tested for you directly before shipping. For this, we use a special test software, which checks all important parameters of your server and loads it for a short period of time. Afterward, the server is packed “still warm” for you. Delivered.

Since everything in the shop is in stock and immediately ready for dispatch, our claim is All orders until 12:00 o’clock leave our house the same day. And we manage this almost every day!


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